John Denver Fan Club in Germany

A heartfelt welcome to the website of John Denver's Fan Club "music and communication". We hope you will easily find your way around here with the sidebar on top, but here are a few hints about what you can find on this site. Just click on the respective word.

We would like to invite you on this site to get to know us a bit better - so on the following pages, you will be able to find out what we are doing in the club in general and which events we have been planing for our members, you can have a look at our photo pages, and you can read about the club's history (in the mirror of John's carreer).

Or, maybe you are interested in news about John Denver and the club, or you would like to learn something about our biggest project, the club's "own" orchard? You are also welcome to use our search engine on the upper left.

In any case we wish you lots of fun surfing here --- and maybe you will even feel like getting in touch with us? You can reach our webmaster Inge via our contact page. If you would like to, you can find us on facebook, where we have a discussion group. Besides this, we have a newsletter.

In case you are looking for lyrics of John's songs - for legal reasons, it is not possible for us to offer lyrics here directly. An official source to download them in not existing, unfortunately, but a search engine like Google may help.

We would be very happy to hear from you!

The "music and communication"-team

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